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Just Add Water ...

Sunday, May 5, 2019 2:43 PM

Just Add Water ...

Water is the #1 way to attract birds to your yard. But simply buying a bird bath isn't enough! The key to making your birds comfortable is to keep the water fresh and shallow -- most birds prefer a depth of 1 - 2 inches of water. When their feathers are soaked, birds instinctively begin to watch for predators and will head for the nearest shelter. If you notice birds drinking but rarely bathing in your birdbath, it is probably too deep, too slick, or too far from shelter.

Here are some options to keep the right amount of fresh water in your bird bath:

  • Drippers: The BirdsChoice drippers include a regulating valve which allows you to control the flow of water. You can fill or clean your bird bath with a steady flow, then adjust it to a very slow drip to keep a fresh supply of water in the bath. Added bonus: the sound and action of the dripping will attract birds and keep the water from getting stagnant. Drippers do not require electricity--they hook directly to an outdoor faucet using a Y-valve.
  • Misters are another means of offering water to birds. They connect to your outdoor faucet the same way as drippers. Misters are particularly appealing to small birds such as hummingbirds and warblers and are most effective when set up to wet the foliage of a nearby shrub or small tree.
  • An alternative to keep the water moving is to add a water wiggler. Our solar water wigglers are battery-free and our standard water wigglers require two D batteries which will last approximately 2 months of continuous use. Click the link to check out our options.
  • If you want to add some scenery or depth to your bird bath, the BirdsChoice waterfall rocks are an excellent option for your bird bath. All rocks come complete with a pump which recirculate the water. All waterfall rock sets require at least 1-1/2" of water in the bath to keep the pump working correctly.
  • When winter comes, replace your water wiggler, dripper, or waterfall rocks with a bird bath heater. BirdsChoice offers multiple options to keep your bird bath water thawed during the winter months. Alternately, you can seasonally replace your summer bird bath with a heated winter version. It is important to not let water freeze in your bird bath. Many bird bath materials will crack under frozen water!



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